Installation for Single Homes Condominiums Rental Communities

Chargers for single homes

“We offer single home installations

Starting at $2k, which includes:

  • Charging station (Tesla, Clipper Creek) or use vour own charger for a discounted price.
  • Designing plans and calculating the electrical load of the panel.
  • Obtaining permits and conducting inspections.
  • Installation & Materials Required.

Chargers for condominium garden Stvle

Most of our installations in Garden-style condominiums Cost $3.5k for a single charger and $5.5k for a double charger. Which includes:

Guidelines specifically tailored for the condominium.

  • Charging Station & Pedestal
  • Designing plans and calculating electrical load for the Building & the
  • Panel on the Unit.
  • Obtaining permits and conducting inspections.
  • Installation & Materiales Required.

We understand the unique needs and requirements of condominiums, and our pricing includes comprehensive guidelines to ensure a seamless installation process within the condominium community.

Condominium Mid/High-Rise Buildings

For condominium mid/high-rise buildings, our installations typically cost around $3.5k for a single charger and $5.5k for a double charger.

Additionally, we will require a setup for the building’s infrastructure, which can range from $10k to $30k depending on the specific building. This setup includes:

  • Providing guidelines for the installation of the condominium charging station (establishing fair rules).
  • Conducting electrical load calculations for the entire building.
  • Providing and installing additional switchgear such as transformers, panels, subpanels, and disconnects.
  • Designing plans for the installation.
  • Obtaining permits and conducting inspections.
  • Carrying out the installation process and providing the necessary materials.

We understand the complexities involved in installing charging stations in condominium mid/high-rise buildings and strive to ensure a smooth and compliant process while meeting the unique needs of each building.