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Ultra Technologies was founded in 1991 by former U.S. NAVY Aviation Electronic Technicians. All of our staff are seasoned professionals in the audio and video electronics industry.
With over 25 years experience, the Ultra Tech staff has helped pioneer audio surround sound, video systems and Award-Winning Cinematography.Ultra Technologies has provided thousands of homes and businesses with superior results and excellent client satisfaction.
No project is too large or too small for their expert staff. They truly live up to their name.ULTRA – going beyond what is usual and ordinary…Like our new Remote Controls, Cinema Wide 4K3D Televisions, Projectors. Screens and Drones.


“The entire team and staff at Ultra Technologies are fabulous! From our initial meetings with their engineers & electricians to the final inspection, and custom programming of our iPads, my family and I finally got our ‘Ultra Smart Home’ that we’ve been dreaming of for a long time. We simply love our new theater and music throughout the house, not to mention, our cellular signal and security cameras are perfect. Keep up the great work Ultra! We love you!” – Dr. Yared Aklilu, Sea Ranch Lakes

“Very pleased with my new audio system from Ultra Technologies. Bryan, Giuseppe, Carlos, Charlie, and Fredrick were all equally friendly and professional. I would absolutely recommend Ultra Technologies to anyone looking for a great deal on a good quality audio system.” – Daniel Thiry, Xtreme Action Park, Fort Lauderdale

“I’ve been working primarily with engineering on a day to day basis for the past couple of months and it’s been great. That said, everyone I’ve dealt with has been really nice, responsive, and helpful. I brought them in towards the beginning of our renovations to make sure we were taking the technology aspect into consideration while it would be least invasive to do wiring and things of that nature.
Overall, the entire team is extremely professional and very nice to work with. They were not only helpful in the planning process, but also responsive and efficient during the procurement and installation process. I’d definitely recommend that you call them as early as possible in your process. We ultimately did a full blown sound system throughout the house, set up a an expandable network hub, and installed all TV’s and associated surround sound. We’ll be using them to finish up the last level of work including cameras and other smart features to tie it all together.” – Carlos Jimenez, Fort Lauderdale

“Ultra Technologies is an enigma in the customer service business. They are knowledgeable, professional, they follow through and do what they say they will do. They repaired an 18 year old condominium music system. Diagnosed it and installed new equipment same day. Wow a contractor that does what they say in Sunny Isles beach?” – Robert Germansky, Pinnacle Condominium

“Loyal Client Since 2011. I love my awesome new home theater!
Brian and Tommy from Ultra Tech ran all of the cables needed to give us great sound outside and upgraded our computer network. Giuseppe installed our Bose 10 speaker surround sound system on the walls without a hint of wires showing. Jon then integrated and programmed our Panasonic Tv and Onkyo THX receiver with our computer and Blu-Ray player brilliantly with a Harmony touch-screen remote.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting an “Enterprise Class” system.”
Omar Huntley, Fort Lauderdale

“When we moved to a new office, my company hired Ultra Technologies to fix up the network infrastructure. They were incredibly competent and professional, and had us up and running in no time. Ultra Technologies stands behind their work, and have promptly responded to any issues we have encountered over the past year. I would recommend them to any company or homeowner who needs service for their network or multimedia system.” – Jeff Peterson, Synthax Inc., Plantation Florida

“The team at Ultra Technologies is amazing. My family recently moved to a new home, and received quotes from a couple of companies to set up home theater system, speakers by the pool, etc. Ultra Technologies service came in at a great price, and Ultra Technologies provided all of the hardware at prices less than anything I could find at the big-box stores, or even online. They provided my wife and I guidance on everything from the best local service provider(s) for content, placement of all of the TV’s, and built a solution that was ideal for us – Powerful, but simple to use. The installation was seamless, where there was no interference with our day. Everything was done in a matter of hours, even all of the wiring runs being hidden. About a week after everything was done, we even got a check back for a refund, where the company found that there was a cable we had paid for that wasn’t needed. I would have never even known that money was due – I’m not used to that kind of honesty. I can’t say enough good things about Ultra Technologies!” – Ira Bornstein, Fort Lauderdale